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Melanie Faber is a new an aspiring children's author. Beginning at the age of 7, Melanie was published in a young author's poetry colection. From then on, Melanie found a true passion in writing, most of which became children's stories. Her first publication, The Balloon Who Almost Missed Jimmy's Birthday Surprise was a story written during Melanie's college years for one of her friends. Melanie's second book, What's for Lunch Today? was written as a class assignment in which Melanie really enjoyed completing. Many of Melanie's books will be revisions of her efforts from her early years. She will also be creating new and exciting pieces that kids will really enjoy to read. Melanie's nephew is an inspiration in a lot of her writing and illustations. Each book is unique in its artistic style. Some illustrations are hand drawn, computer generated, or even photographed by the author herself.
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